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I Had Rather Die:

  • Susan Brownmiller: “One hundred-fifty years after the conclusion of Civil War, the historian Kim Murphy has brought forward a meticulously documented and gut-wrenching account of the gratuitous acts of violence against women’s bodies, black and white, slave and free, young and old, that accompanied the marches, battles, skirmishes, and periods of military occupation during that dreadful time. She has produced a major work of scholarship that was long overdue, and that all historians should be grateful for.
  • Featured in The Atlantic, Gender, Race, and Rape During the Civil War, February 20, 2014
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The Dreaming Series

Walks Through Mist:

    • Sabrina Cooper, RT Book Review: “Murphy’s latest is a haunting tale of love and time travel… Readers will love Lee and Phoebe’s story and will be fascinated by the journey to discover when and where Phoebe is from, and her connection to Lee… [they] begin their journey through Phoebe’s past as they explore the connection that burns so hot between them it’s going to leave scorch marks
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Wind Talker:

      • Rachel A. Hyde, “Imaginative, different and involving.
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The Whispers Series

Whispers from the Grave:

      • Mirella Patzer, Historical Novel Reviews: “The author has skillfully woven this dangerous love triangle with elements of the paranormal and the brutality of America’s Civil War… well written and captures the reader’s attention from the very start. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who is an aficionado of the Civil War era or who enjoys a gut-gripping, heart-wrenching ghost story.
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Whispers Through Time:

      • Rachel A. Hyde, “I found it easy to get swept up in a tide of events, and was rooting for things to turn out for the best for these sympathetic and well-drawn people. Reconstruction is not an era often dealt with in any depth, and here it comes to life with plenty of interesting facts; I found myself wishing that there were more of it. This is a highly imaginative pair of books that I recommend to anybody who wants something a bit different.”   …read more

The Promise Trilogy

Promise & Honor:

      • Denise M. Clark, Blether: “brilliantly captures the mixed feelings of a woman caught in the middle; of not only a war she wants no part of, but of the two men from opposite sides who hope for her affections. The author’s ability to write gritty yet realistic battle scenes effectively portrays the sacrifices made by the men of both sides. Well fleshed out characters bring that intensity to life, and her exciting narrative propels the reader on a grim and realistic journey into the heart of one woman’s struggle to find an enduring love in the midst of hell. This reader/reviewer certainly hopes to see more from this wonderful new author.
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Honor & Glory:

      • The Midwest Book Review: “The sequel to “Promise & Honor”, and the second volume of a riveting trilogy, Honor & Glory continues author Kim Murphy’s Civil War saga… Two sisters are drawn into the war, their loyalties split – one betrothed to a Union major, while the other cannot forgive the Northern army that levelled her home. A momentous, sweeping, and emotional novel.
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Glory & Promise:

    • Joyce Handzo, In the Library Reviews: “Readers are in for an emotional conclusion to this series… despite the turmoil of the times, love triumphs in a variety of ways… the book takes many surprising turns, but comes to rest in the best possible place.
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