Circle in Time

Circle in Time
Cover art by Roberta Marley

The Dreaming / Circle in TIme



A Novel by Kim Murphy
ISBN: 978-1-936785-22-3

After her closest friend, Meg, suffers a heartbreaking miscarriage, seventeenth-century cunning woman Phoebe uses her knowledge from her visit to the twenty-first century to save Meg from blood loss. As Phoebe’s husband Wind Talker recovers from donating his blood, she has a vision of him vanishing before her eyes, driving fear into her heart.

Haunted by the massacre of his tribe, Wind Talker becomes a liaison between the Native people and the English. His negotiations backfire when he is captured by the colonists and sentenced to die.

Phoebe and Wind Talker separately enter the misty world of “the dreaming” for answers, but their journey leads them through a turbulent circle in time. Are they destined to repeat the past? Or can time be changed?

Circle in Time is the third book in the Dreaming series, following the award-winning Walks Through Mist and Wind Talker.