Whispers from the Grave

Cover design by Mayapriya Long

A Novel by Kim Murphy
ISBN 978–0–9716790–5–4 (trade paperback)
ISBN 978–1–936785–00–1 (Kindle)
ISBN 978–1–936785–01–8 (Epub)

The Virginia Plantation Poplar Ridge is sprawling, secluded, and foreboding. Chris Olson is immediately swept into its somber history and an inexplicable, electrifying passion for Geoff Cameron, her best friend’s brother. Dreams of a Confederate soldier who strongly resembles Geoff and a haunting one-eyed scout cloud her mind further.

Through the eyes of the long-dead Margaret, Chris witnesses mysterious events shrouded in the conflict of the Civil War, until little by little, she uncovers Margaret’s dark and terrible secret—and Geoff’s connection to the enchanting woman from the past.

foreword-book-of-yearForeWord Magazine 2007
Book of the Year
Bronze Winner
RT Reviewers’ Choice
IPPY 2008
Bronze Winner