Whispers Through Time — Reviews

Whispers Through Time

A Compelling Novel

A compelling novel of speaking with the dead, ghosts, and the past’s force on the present, “Whispers Through Time” is a gripping thriller, sure to please fans of the genre.

Small Press Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

Easy to get Swept Up

I found it easy to get swept up in a tide of events, and was rooting for things to turn out for the best for these sympathetic and well-drawn people. Reconstruction is not an era often dealt with in any depth, and here it comes to life with plenty of interesting facts; I found myself wishing that there were more of it. This is a highly imaginative pair of books that I recommend to anybody who wants something a bit different.

Rachel A. Hyde, MyShelf.com

A must read

I loved how I couldn’t guess where the story was going and the ending was totally unexpected. This book is a must read and this is coming from someone who normally doesn’t read a lot of historical fiction.

A Gripping Tale…

The author gives us a gripping tale of mystery, romance and the paranormal. The glimpses of life into this era of American history are realistic and intriguing. Whispers through Time’s plot and characters will keep your fingers busy turning pages.

—Victoria Kennedy, Midwest Book Review

A Strong Follow-Up

Kim Murphy plays the reader’s heartstrings as the story quickens from melancholy to suspense. We are kept guessing as the mystery unfolds, each new discovery leading to yet another question… A strong follow-up in what is surely to be a successful historical romance series.

—Christine Filipak, Dark Realms

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The full version of this ghost story is now available from Coachlight Press in Trade Paperback format, and many fine regular and online bookstores.